Monday, March 19, 2007

August 1, 2006


Dear Friends and Family,

My adventure reaching Singapore starting out August 1, 2006...

I Didn't have any time in-between flights to call anyone. Every flight was late. In in my long 19 hour flight to Singapore I barley got on due to all of the delay's . I was on the list for them to bump me to the next day flight. Unlike Steven's overnight adventure, mine would have been paid for and they offered me a free hotel room, money for food and and a $400 airplane voucher. After we all got in our seats they started calling names of people who they asked to be bumped. I was praying they would call my name as I was seated in the middle of a 3 seater and next to about 8 babies. They never called my name. I was am I going to survive this ? When landing in Singapore, I had a major headache.

After going through immigration I walked around and saw Steven standing beyond the baggage gate waiting for me to get my luggage and go through customs. Then I heard " would a Martin Angela go to lost and found desk". As I walked to the desk I waved my hand and smiled at Steven . I finally got to the desk and found out they took off my baggage because they needed the extra weight. Mind you, I paid an extra $100 to check in 1 more piece of luggage which was my makeup bag. I had to complete a information sheet and they gave me a little overnight bag and S$125.

Steven and I took a taxi to our hotel. We arrived around 7:30 A.M. on Thursday. We got to upgrade into a junior suite which is very nice. At 6:00 we went to our complementary happy hour and then had dinner at a hawker stand.

It's early Friday morning I still don't have my luggage but when writing this I received a telephone call from Singapore Air stating that they found 2 of my 3 pieces of luggage and they are having it delivered now. THANK GOODNESS!

Steven says Hi to everyone! He has been sick with a cold.

Love you all,


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