Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Funny Things and Still Getting Adjusted

September 12, 2006
I do have 2 funny things I have to tell you.
On Saturday Mom, Steven and me had lunch at a Thai restaurant on Orchard Drive. When we got the bill, Steven asked the waiter if the 10% service charge is on the check. The waiter came back and said he took 10% off of our check. I guess you just need to ask for a discount and they will give it to you!
This happened a little bit ago. We went to the grocery store and decided to have chicken tonight. So, we bought a small whole chicken. When I started fixing dinner, I cut open the plastic wrapper and started rubbing garlic and butter on and around the chicken. Then I saw it...the chicken has its head and feet on it. I screamed and my Mom came running. I finally got the guts (hee hee) to cut its head off and then my Mom had to cut it's feet off because I started to get sick. I know, I know, I should become a vegetarian. But he tasted pretty good.
Ok, I have 1 more thing. I've had this sinus infection for about 3-4 weeks now and it was really getting to me. Today my Mom and I went to a local shopping area. I saw this clinic in the mall so I decided to do something about my infection. I went in and in about a 1/2 hour later I came out with about 4 different kinds of medicines, including antibiotics. This is the best part...It costs $56.00 Singapore dollars which is $34.00 U.S. I had my insurance card out but decided to put it back. Bye. A
September 14, 2006
I just got these pictures from Ally. At some point, they will go in my video but for now I will put them on my latest blog so people can see them. Steven had already left for Singapore and I was about to leave in a few days. These are my good friends who came to see me at my last Wednesday at the Main Street Pub, Melbourne, FL before leaving for Singapore.

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