Monday, February 2, 2009

March 3, 2008

Sunday was Steven's only day off so we decided to go on a day tour. The driver from our tour company never showed up at 9:00 as planned, so Angela got on the phone and found another company to get another driver for the day. We finally got out of the house at 11:30. The price was three times what we should have paid but we had fun not getting back home until 10:00 P.M. A usual price is 1300 rupees for a day trip, we got charged 4200 Rs by Car Club - don't ever use them.

On the subject of price seems like everywhere we go they price gouge us to death. They always ask where we're from and then adjust the price. We have found this very frustrating living here. For example, on our list of things to do was a bird sanctuary. We got there and a sign saying 10 rupees to get it, foreigners pay 100 rupees plus 25 camera fee. We pay and once in the park a guide comes up and said he needs 250 rupees. We ended up walking out right then and there without getting our money back. This goes with most everything.

Outside of all of the price gouging, we did have a pretty good time. See below:

Kodanad, the head quarters of Malayattur forest division, is known for the 'Elephant Kraal' and is about 45 km from Ernakulam (Cochin or Kochi) and 12 km to the east of Perumbavoor town. Kodanad, set on the southern banks of the Periyar river amid the beautiful high ranges near Perumbavoor and is one of the largest elephant training centres of Kerala.
The elephants are considered as a sign of wealth and prestige and an integral part of Indian mythology and culture. In Kerala, elephants are the most ornamental and auspicious animals and no festival or celebration is complete without an elephant procession.

Stopped for Lunch at Hut Restaurant Thattekady Resort

Cherai Beach near Kochi. We thought it funny to see most people swimming in their clothes.

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