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October 7, 2008

Hello Friends and Family,

We woke up at 5:00 A.M. to catch our 7:30 flight to Bagdogra (see map I circled on the Northeast side of India) for our 6 day holiday on Oct. 1st. It was a exhausting trip having to change planes in Delia. "No, no everything will be fine, no change terminal in Delia, your plane right there when you get off", was said by our travel company. Not only did we have to change planes, we had to change terminals and catch a bus in less than 15 minutes. Only if we knew which terminal and where to find the bus would have helped tremendously.

Our driver, Rouj, was at the Bagdogra airport waiting for us and we were off to Gangtok, riding the rough, bumby, winding up mountains, 4 hour journey to our Gangtok hotel. We finally go to our hotel and rested until the morning.

We started out of 8:00 A.M.for our day journey to Tshangu Lake which is in the east region of Sikkim. We were about 2 miles form the China boarder. We got to the lake and it was beautiful, I bet it's even more beautiful in snow fall. It was a long winding bumpy road and a little scary driving on the roads. We road a mountaine yak which ended up being the high light of our trip.

The next day our trip to Darjeeling took about 3 hours. We rode on the Himalayan Mountain Railway on the toy train which was also an experience.

The next city we went to was Kalimpong. There wasn't much there but it was a nice and unforgettable trip. We went on a cable car, monasarary

The view from our window at our hotel in Darjeeling: Mt.

Mountain Yak Ride, Tshangu Lake.

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