Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Miss Kitty

Dear Friends and Family,

I just took our friend Katherine to the airport to fly back to her home in Orlando. We had so much fun and she will be missed by me.

Before I post our adventure in the last 3 weeks, I want to write a little about our babies and about our latest death of our cat Miss Kitty. After reading my writings, maybe it's my need to "vent".

When Steven got asked to go overseas for work in 2005 we had several issues and one was what to do with our 2 cats and 200 gallon fish tank. After much consideration, we decided to trust others to care for our house and animals. We had 2 different house sitters that mistreated them and Maggie died last June with the 2nd house sitter. She was very old and we knew it might happen. Why didn't we learn our lesson from the first house sitter? So, we sold our fish, boarded up the house and are happy not to have bad people in our house ever again.

Last July, Miss Kitty was sent to a good friend and then 3 weeks ago to another good friend. In the middle of our 7 day holiday trip to North India, (actually we were at the Taj Mahal), Miss Kitty's 2nd long term babysitter (only of 2 weeks) called us to say that she has been trying to get a hold of us for several days. She had to take Miss Kitty to the vet and the results weren’t good. She had failing kidney's, urinary infection and had lost a lot of weight. The vet said she was sick for a long time had suggested she put her to sleep and so she did.

I think what disturbed us more than anything was that we didn't know she had lost 11 pounds in less than 6 months and that her eating behaviors changed. We saw her last December and she was healthy. We don't or aren't blaming anyone per se but just don't understand and sorry she died so suddenly. Also, we have so many feelings of SHOCK, hurt, anger, sadness, contempt, guiltiness and disbelief.

We are so sorry Miss Kitty and for Maggie, you will be in our hearts forever.

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