Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Maldives Holiday September 2-6 2009

Our 6 month having to leave the country was coming up in October and we found that Steven had a couple days off from work for a holiday here called Onam, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Onam. I then looked online and found a half way decent price (compared to other times) for a 5 day holiday package to the Maldives, so we decided to take advantage it of all other right situations and leave on September 2. Though, when looking at the packages, we found that the shortest and cheapest flights were all on Air India. After having said to each other that we don’t want to fly Air India anymore due to their recent mechanical errors, fatality rates and the uncleanliness. We decided to take a chance and go Air India anyway.

The taxi picked us up at 6:00 A.M. to go on our 8:00 flight, stopping in Thiruvananthapuram which take us 1 hour and then 1 more hour to Male. We got on the plane and Steven sat in what looked like baby puke, which was not only on the seat but all over the seat in front of us and the tables. Yuck! We found another seat but couldn’t get over all of the seats that were broken and TAPED up. OMG!!!

When we arrived in Male, http://.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maldives, we got our luggage, walked out of the airport right to the Port and in our hotel Sheraton’s boat!

We arrived to our hotel no more than 15 minutes, with a warm reception from some of the staff.
We found that our hotel was on a small island by itself. It was just so beautiful. We were going to upgrade to a water bungalow but found our room just as nice if maybe even better. While there we went on 2 dive trips, Sunset Dolphin Cruise, Island Hopping/Snorkle all day trip and a trip to the main island of Male.
I think the main excitement of the trip was on our last dive we saw manta rays with 9 foot wingspan. We sat on the bottom and watched 3 of them for about 45 minutes. We were taken to this place where they feed on top of a rock and it was one of the most awesome things I've ever seen. A lot of people sat on the bottom of the rock and watched in awe as well.

It was one of those once in a life time trips to do since we are so close because it is so expensive. We won't go again unless we win the lottery!

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