Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chennai April 2-5 2010

We thought we would take advantage of Steven's day off work for Good Friday and Easter and go to Chennai. I went last year with Katherine but Steven wanted to go to a Cricket game and go see ruins of Mamallapuram. I got a great package deal at one of the Taj Hotels on the beach. We had a lovely non-eventful 1 1/2 hour plane trip. When we arrived we never wanted to leave! Our hotel was just lovely and the service was spectacular!

We did get to a "sold out" Cricket game, Chennai vs Rajashstan. It was so hot we only stay for about half of the game. Mamallapuram was nice but again was way too hot and we didn't get to spend very much time there. We were misled a little about how long it took to go to Podicherry. We were told it took 1-2 hours and it ended up to be about 3 each way.

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Tracy said...

Just love the photo of you and Steven at dinner there...so special!