Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just "Stuff"

This is us with a friend of ours and his friends.
We went to the Mall the other day and Steven tried to hit a few Cricket balls for the first time. He's been wanting to try using the bat and I think he has been intrigued with cricket since we've been here.

This is something our helper made for us. It's kind of like a rice pancake with jackfruit shredded in it. Chekkad???
About 3 weeks ago we went shopping at Fort Cochin and found a few pieces to take home with us and put in our home. We have a few more but decided to keep them in bubble wrap since we're leaving in a few months.

Our new table. We love it, however, we're disappointed that we didn't get the 8 seating instead of 6. We entertain a lot and never have less than 8 people over. Oh well.

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