Friday, October 29, 2010

Family in Nebraska and Iowa October 11-18th

Our next trip we flew to Omaha to see Steven's Aunt Joan. They picked us up and we went walking in downtown Omaha and stopped for a beer and then dinner. After a day of flying, it was exactly what we needed! The next day we celebrated Grandpa's 91st birthday by having a ham dinner that Joan cooked and chocolate port cups and Apple pie for dessert.

Later we went back to the farm in Iowa and visited. Until Carla and Frank drove us back to our hotel room in Avoca. After a couple more visits to the farm and taking or stealing (haha) a door from a man at great, great grandma's old house, we headed to the Coraville Heartland hotel to get settled in. Later we walked around downtown in Iowa City and ate Japanese food with Aunt Terri and
Uncle Phil. The next day Steven and I took the campus bus and walked around Iowa City University. On Saturday, was the big event, the wedding. We had such a good week visiting famiy and meeting new friends. The wedding was just beautiful and overwelmed my heart.

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