Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Prepare for Home

Pictues: Our last evening at Avenue Regent
Saying goodbye to Frances
Saying goodbye to Steven's co-workers
After our trip to Leh, we had 1 more week of living in Edappally, Kochi. We tried to buy a few more things to take home, said our goodbye's and the movers came September 1st. We checked in to a hotel nearby Renaissance Hotel, so we could be close. Our previous movers we were skeptical and a little scared of what they might do to our things. Surprisingly after 3 days of packing, nothing was broken and the movers packed up our stuff very nicely. We gave a lot of our things we couldn’t take home to people who were nice to us while living in Kochi. They seemed so appreciative which was so neat to see!

Now on to the bad stuff. September 3rd was our last full day and we thought we would go to the Taj for lunch and then walk around in Fort Cochin and take in all that we might miss. I had cleaned and cleaned to make sure everything was good. Actually, it was much cleaner than when we moved in. Steven’s work said they might rent out the apartment so I had left a little bit of everything in the apartment. The owner was unable to meet us but said his Son would be there for us to give him them the keys and we said OK. When he came in he already had an attitude talking down to us and was abrupt. He then complained of the stuff being there and wanted to pick and choose the stuff he wanted and stuff he didn’t want. I finally started taking everything out into the hall and said he can have it all or nothing. He started yelling in Malalanyam and started making phone calls. I called our driver and he came with a small autorickshaw truck to get everything. The man was so angry he called our friend/driver names along with names for us. Our driver wouldn’t tell us what he said just that it was not good. This man owned a new restaurant near us called Chak De in Vennala or Edappally. We went there once and it wasn't that good and expensive. I can't believe this person owns a restaurant and belittles others as he did. He would never last in the U.S.!! What goes around comes around! I'm sure it won't be there long! We told Steven's work people not to do business with this family!

Our evening was much better. We went to our favorite restaurant, Avenue Regent, had a good dinner but was disappointed when none of our favorite people were working that evening. The next day Steven's work driver took us to the airport and we said goodbye to Kochi, India

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