Friday, November 12, 2010

Still Adjusting Part II

Since I've been home I can tell that I have changed. I'm having a hard time "fitting" in. One area of change is my patience of selfish people, or I guess I should say what little patience I have now. It seems a lot of people don't understand how lucky they are to have so much here in the U.S. and I don't think they realize how most of the world doesn't have or can get what people here can get. I see and hear so many people who live in their little selfish world and complain. I see so many people get so angry over small things and then there's the "control freaks". Who try to control others around him/her.  Then again, not many people get to travel as I did and see other parts of the world. So, I guess I shouldn't be too hard on others. I know what I need to do and that is to focus on myself and the good that I do have in my life. I can't say or write enough about how grateful I am for everything in my life. I am blessed for sure!

Steven and I are still unemployed. Steven actually quit for us to come back home. The company has requested him back and are writing a proposal for him to consider. It would be nice to go back to India for a brief time. I need to pick up some supplies of Auyervedic medicines and other things I thought I could get at home and can't. However, he has had several potential leads and interviews so at this point who knows. I'm just waiting and wanting our shipment container to arrive, supposedly around the 19th.

The last 3 weekends we've been to 2 different Halloween parties and to St. Augustine for our Hash group's annual pub crawl. We stayed at a hostel called the Pirate Haus and it was our 12 year wedding anniversary as well! Ha-ha. It actually ended up to be fun because about 15 of our other friends stayed at the same place.

Our next adventure will be going to Indiana to see my family for Thanksgiving. I Plan on having another "gathering" of my friends at some point of my visit as well.


Tracy said...

OMG!!!! My eyes watered up reading this...(the part where you may go back). The first part was like reading my journal when I returned home from my first trip to India. EXACTLY..almost word for word..Angela, you are so right. I still get frustrated when I hear spoiled woman complain, and see how spoiled their children are. I can't help it...I suppose those feelings will be with me forever. At least I hope so. Because I never want to take what I have for granted..or how truly blessed I am as well.
Again..wonderful post...(and I secretly hope you go back for a bit!!) xo

Angela said...

Thank you! Now, you made me tear up!