Friday, December 2, 2011

I can't believe a year has gone by without posting. We really miss traveling abroad. Steven got a job pretty much right after we returned to our home and started working in the beginning of January. We started to do some more renovating in our home which is stressful and exhausting. However, that part was was finished just in time for my 50th birthday party I planned at the house. I had a great band, Matt's catered, a friend I met in Singapore which now lives in Boca Raton came and my brother John came from Indiana making it extra special.

In April I went to Las Vegas for a small reunion of high school friends and in June to the Bahamas with my friend Nancy. My mother had back surgery so I decided to go up  to Indiana to help her out in July. When I got to mom's house she was doing pretty well so my services weren't needed as much, which was good! I got together with a lot of my friends making the trip really nice. Steven joined me that last weekend for the 4th of July. Mom invited me to go to a party that Jim Davis of the comic strip Garfield attended. Mom is good friends with him. I was the only one snapping pictures of him!

In April I joined a weight loss clinic and a gym. I've been losing weight very slowly but I guess that's a good thing. I don't have the money to have surgery to take off the extra skin people get from losing weight too fast. I've lost 35 lbs. as of December and Steven has lost 17.

In April Uncle Phil and Aunt Terri came to our house for a visit from Iowa. They stayed with Steven's Dad and Deana in Ft. Pierce. It was the last time we got to hug him goodbye as he succumbed to cancer July 29th after a tough 7 year battle. The news was so heart breaking. He was such a good and wonderful person and will be missed.

In July we found out my father-n-law has prostate cancer. He went to Indiana for treatments and was gone for 4 months. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving reunion at our house. Treatments are finished and looking forward to a bright future. Another happy note; our friend Ben found out he had lung cancer April 2010. He fininshed his last surgery in August and just got a clean bill of health November 28th!! It is remarkable how well we are advancing in the ilimination of cancer. Now, if we can control the over charging of insurance companies, there might be more hope for more people. Such a scary issued that I won't get in to right now. After living abroad for 5 years, it has opened my eyes to a different view. Also, in April and June I went through extensive tests for my heart but my results turned out good but our pocket book and trust with doctor's is still hurting.

In November Steven and I flew in to Richmond, VA and stayed with Steven's mother, Kathleen. We drove to Chestertown, Maryland to attend the "Downrigging Festival, " and to see Carla, Steven's sister and her husband Frank and we stayed at a B&B.

The month of December has us starting it by going to Steven's work Christmas party at the hotel where we got married! Going to the Nutcracker Ballet and then the 2nd week going to Ben and Tracy's party for the Cocoa Beach Boat Parade. They live on the water on the parade route. Then it looks like parties in Orlando and here.

Speaking of Christmas, we need to get our annual Christmas card out! Happy Holiday's!


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Amanda Silver said...

Happy holydays to you too, guys! we are also looking for a new vacation since our last one was in April