Monday, March 19, 2007

August 25, 2006

August 25th, 2006
Hello, I've been keeping busy. We mostly shop at night for things for the condo and eat somewhere on the way home or in the mall. Like last night, I rode the bus and met Steven 1/2 way from his work at a mall/train station. We shopped for house stuff and ate dinner in the mall and then came home on #156 bus (actually we've done that for the last 2 nights). We had a lot to unpack and I had to clean all of the cabinets and floors. We still have to put Steven's clothes in his closet and try to find a trash dumpster where we can throw all of our empty boxes away. This weekend at Fort Canning Park there is a 3 day concert called World of Music, Art, Dance. "WOMAD", I want to go on Saturday to see Jimmy Cliff. Then we talked about riding our bikes around the reservoir where we live. We feel so good to be out of our hotel. We feel like we are now living in Singapore. This will be the first weekend in our condo. Steven's Dad and Deana bought airline tickets to come here March 2nd.They are staying with us for 1 week and then going on a cruise from Phuket, Thialand. After the cruise they are coming back here to stay for another week before flying back home to Fort Pierce. We look forward to hearing from you. Love, Angela and Steven

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