Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Still Getting Adjusted

September 5, 2006
♥Hi there,
Last Friday evening we ventured into new territory of Singapore looking for more things to get for the house. After dinner at one of the local eatery hawker stands, we decided we wanted to get a beer on our long journey walk home. We saw a bar and upon walking inside, we were ushered in to a booth in pitch black darkness. We decided this wasn't for us and as we were walking out, the "bar" staff was yelling at us, "no coffee shop, no coffee shop". We walked down the street further and saw another "bar" with a guy standing outside assuring us it's a bar where when can go safely and have a beer. We walk in and again it was pretty dark. The only light was that of a karaoke machine beaming with all its glory. We decided to stay even though we knew something wasn't right. When they brought us a beer, they also brought a couple bags of snacks and orange slices to our booth and said that will be $50.00. We definitely knew something wasn't right. As we sat and drank our beer we kept looking at each other and giggling like not a fun giggle but a scary giggle. The "bar" girls sat in our booth much of the time and tried to talk to us but it was hard to hear over the bad, bad, karaoke singers. A little later they told us they were singing English songs for us. We drank our beers and left (I think we even had one more). We knew we were never going back, at least with just the 2 of us. We left early enough to take the bus home. Actually, they kicked us out as they closed at 11:00. When the lights came on, the working girls were very scary looking!
On Saturday Steven's co-worker Eric came over to our condo to pick us up for a day excursion with him and his wife, Suet Choy. As we were eating our lunch at a place called Thai Express someplace on the East side of Singapore, we told them of our "bar" experience that happened the night before. They told us that we were in a red light district and that we should avoid "bars" and "nightclubs" (we knew of the nightclubs) as they are for protection. They laughed and couldn't believe we went to a "bar". After lunch we headed to Eric and Suet Ching's lovely home. We really had a great time with them and plan on getting together in the future. Steven and Eric are going to California this week for work and both will be gone over their "big" year birthday-what a coincidence.
Steven and I plan on going to a hash tomorrow. I will be sure and take pictures for your viewing pleasure.
Sunday we found a big shopping area and loved a store called Ikea. We found everything we need except our patio furniture. What a cool place.
My Mom will be here Friday to spend 2 weeks with me while Steven will be in California. Can't wait for Mom to be here but not Steven to go but at least he will have 2 days with Mom before he leaves.
Bye for now.

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