Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Singapore Harriets Hash

September 7, 2006
Last night we went to our second Singapore Hash, our first Singapore Harriet’s Hash. The trail was a little long but it was very pretty with lots of shiggy. Others saw monkeys but we didn't. It's a jungle out there kiddies! (For you Parrott head’s). We met a lot of nice hasher's. The On On was at the British Club where we started and ended. We had a nice dinner, curry chicken, rice, salad and fruit. I got several telephone numbers of other hashers so we can get together for non-hash/hash events. I was told by Virginia Slim that we were running on the same area of grounds where our hash founding father, A.S. Gispert was shot down and killed in the war. Thought you would like to see some pictures of the hash and of us doing down downs:

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