Monday, March 19, 2007

August 9, 2006

August 9, 2006
Singapore gained its independence in august 9, 1965 and it is known as National day to Singaporean. They have parades, fireworks, etc to observe this occasion.
Steven is off work tomorrow on the 9th. We plan to celebrate Singapore National Holiday by going siteseeing and watching fireworks.
Tonight Steven had to go bowling with his co-workers. I think his work wanted it to be some sort of a team building experience.
Today I had to go get my passport renewed at the US Embassy. It was an eventful afternoon going though security, sitting and waiting with a room full of people. Previously, I had reviewed the website and found there were 2 employement positions available that I was qualifiied for. I never got to ask about them while I was there but maybe I will call them later. I was a little stressed when leaving.
Other excitement was that I got to talk to my Mother. We can talk only 2 days a week (when she's working) because they cannot get broadboad internet service at home. She can only get through her work. My family is doing good. Wish all of my family members could get skype and call me.
Hope you all have a wonderful night. Thinking of you.
.PS Please bare with me on my writings. I'm new at this and don't write very well. Hope I get better!

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