Monday, March 19, 2007

August 13, 2006

August 13,2006
We finally found and signed a lease to an apartment. We really wanted to live toward the airport on the East Coast of Singapore but it was too far from Steven's work. We looked at 3 condo's on the East Coast and I fell in love with all of them but mostly because of the sea view. We are disappointed but feel we still did OK. Our condo looks over one of the reservoir's, so it's not all bad view! We move in Sunday the 20th. Take a look at our place by going to the website....
Steven and I have been sick with cold's. One day we'll feel better like we're getting over it and the next day were feeling down.
Tonight (if we are feeling better) we are going to see the last of the celebration of the Singapore National Day fireworks.
I'm starting to miss my cat Maggie a lot. I think she is doing OK though. We hope you all are doing good. Miss you all.
Angela and Steven

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