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February 1, 2007

February 1, 2007
Thaipusam Day Festival Category: Travel and Places
I joined the girls at a temple for this event which happens once a year. It was really weird watching the piercings.
Thaipusam is actually a very interesting festival that is widely celebrated throughout Malaysia and Singapore. With the atmosphere of festivities thick in the air, visitors will be able to witness the devotees as they work themselves up into a spiritual frenzy. The must-see event is when the devotees perform acts of self-mutilation and body piercing. Having done that, the devotees will then drag and carry heavy weights and other ornately decorated structures using various pierced parts of their bodies. These structures are known as kavadis. However, things are not merely as simple as explained. In fact, this whole spiritual journey takes place a month before Thaipusam. During the past month, devotees must go through a cleansing process in order to prepare themselves for the feats of endurance. This cleansing process involves the denial of alcohol, tobacco and sex. They must also meditate regularly. Amazingly, these self-mutilations cause no pain and leave no scars, and all these mutilations are done in honor of the Lord Maruga. Devotees can choose to honor the Lord for having taken care of their health throughout the year, or even thank him for the birth of a child. As part of the reasoning behind Thaipusam, Hindus believed it is a must for them to offer their thanksgiving to Lord Maruga or bad luck will befall them. You can view more pictures of this event. You do not have to sign it.

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