Tuesday, June 12, 2007

February 12, 2007

Monday February 12, 2007
Just thought I would share a few stories with you. They might make you chuckle lah.
I'm in the mall doing some grocery shopping and come across a sign that says, $5 eyebrow shaping. Wow, what a bargan I thought! I sit down and she does one eye brow and then she starts giving me her sales bit something about drawing and making permanent eyebows. I said No, No, No, just want shaping. Her sudden expression of disappointment got me a little worried. After both eyebrows were done she gave me the mirror to look in and actually they looked really good. I paid my $5 and left. later that night I went to wash my face and saw that both eyebrows were drawn on, she had taken off most of both eyebrows and one had more brow than the other leaving them unven to boot. I've been drawing on my eyebrows every since
Steven and I decided to go at the last minute to this event sponsered by American Women's Club called Arabian Nights Carpet Auction. We thought WOW, for $15 we get to go to the Singapore Yacht Club, have all the beer, wine and food you want and they also had entertainment, belly dancers. We don't want no stinkin carpet! We woke up the next day and found 2 stinkin carpets on our floor, a plate and a wooden stand and a big dent in our savings account! This is also a warning, do not drink alcohol beverages at carpet auction. Below is one of the carpets.

I go shopping today at sort of like a flea market type a place in a part of town called Choo Chiat. I asked the guy about these pretty little cups he said they were decorative but I couldn't really understand him well. I asked if you could drink saki out of them, he looked at me a little strange and said yes. I then heard him talking to an old lady next to him and he said something, something saki and she had a strange look on her face. Later, I found out that the cups are used at temples in praying and giving. I'm still learing. He probably thought, that stupid Ang Mo!
Last Sunday, a few of my friends gave me a little lunch birthday party. It was nice and I got a lot of nice presents.
Later that evening we met more people at this place called Little Bali. You had to climb up to sit at your table. It was a little challenging for me as I was in a skirt!

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