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October 7, 2006

October 7, 2006
Angela joined the American Women's Association a couple weeks ago and she has met several nice and interesting people. One of the women Nancy has a house in Boca Ratan and Marieke came from Jakarta but has a house in Houston. We met at Marieke's condo on Monday, had lunch and walked and talked all day. Thursday we all met up with our husbands at a place called the Giraffe Bar, as did other members of the club. The bar area had a huge waterfall and glass floors with running water underneath. Nancy's husband worked at the same power plant as Steven's Dad around the same time. It really is such a small world.
It's been very Smokey here and almost unbearable to be outside. Here's what I found in one of the papers.
Thick haze from forest fires in Sumatra covered large parts of southeast Asia on Thursday in scenes reminiscent of the health-threatening smog of 1997, and experts said it could go on for two to three months.
This afternoon we are doing a Breast Cancer Awareness Hash run starting at 5:00 near Clarke Quay. Dinner and T-shirt is included.
Steven's work asked him to go to Penang, Malaysia next week. It looks like I will be going with him. Our friends from Penang said they are looking forward to us coming. I'm looking forward in seeing them too and buying up a ton of DVD's!!
Love, Angela and Steven

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