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Sunday November 4, 2007

Dear Family and Friends,

I'm just now getting a chance to update our lastest and last Singapore Adventure Blog

Here are our Seoul, Korea Oct. 11-15 pictures:

and Kerala, Kochi, India Oct. 17-22 pictures:

We left Singapore Wednesday Oct. 31st on the Singapore Air straight flight to Newark and known as the world's longest flight. I'm rifling through my jetlag-addled brain to think of something to say about our last blog post of our Singapore adventure ending. And here it goes:

We tearfully hugged dear friends at our "goodbye" party given by our friends Kathy, Nancy and Marieke on Saturday Oct. 27 at Nancy and Jim's condo,, and Sunday we took our last MRT and bus ride. Angela had her last lunch with the girls on Tuesday at the Singapore Polo Club which was another tearful event. Our last night we stuffed ourselves with "The Last Supper" at a chili crab restaurant in Boat Quay, We nonetheless lingered over wine and good company with Angela's friend Lisa and again this was another tearful ending.

We loved not having a car. Singapore's busses and trains and taxis combine to form a mass transit system that's affordable, efficient, and the envy of the rest of the world.

We've been everywhere!! We gasped upon a first glimpse of Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Traveled for Chinese New Year in the busy fast pace of Bangkok. We sailed through Halong Bay and Hanoi in Vietnam, trekked through Penang, Malaysia and Chiang Mai, Thailand. We gorged ourselves with Naan, Appam and sadhyas in Kerala, India, juicy duck at "The Dirty Duck Restaurant" in Bali and BBQ with our good friends in Seoul, Korea, And, oh, yeah! Did I mention Singapore?

Our apartment was fabulous. A luxury 16th-floor condo with a skyline view to the right and the reservoir view to the left. It sounds like something out of a fairytale, and it was.

We made wonderful friends. Friends from all over the world, but mostly and unexpectedly, from the US and from Florida. Friends I'd never have met or taken the time get to know in my previous life, but friends I'll now treasure for the rest of it.

Then, too, there are the glimpses of daily life in Singapore: the handy dandy rubbish chute, the stares, people rush to board the MRT without allowing anyone first to get off.

Thanks to all of you for reading our blog, This blog has been a lifeline, and a catharsis for us.

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