Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tuesday October 16, 2007

Dear Friends and Family,

This is for the people we thought that would be interested in an update about us:

The moving company came and did the estimate last Monday for our move back to Melbourne and we went way over the companies' budget but they did approve it, yeah. We are coming back with quite a bit of Asia art and souvenirs!

Steven is leaving the company (as planned). His current company signed a contract with a Indian company who wants Steven to come interview in Kerala, Kochi, India We will be traveling there for a "look-see" paid for by the company Oct. 16-21. It's a resort town and probably one of the best areas in India. It's only a 4 hour flight from Singapore and Tiger airlines has good deals at times. We got back from Seoul, Korea late last night. We went to see our good friends Rich and Vero and the their kids, Richard and Tori, for 4 days. Steven had a interview with Rich's employer, Samsung and according to Steven, it went very well. Singapore was way different than Seoul. Don't know if we like it as it's very big and spread out. The people aren't as nice as in Singapore and we would have to learn Korean right away. A little scary but it would be educational. Steven has applied for a couple of jobs in Florida-really don't know at this point.

Friends of ours are having a goodbye party for us on Oct. 27th. The movers are coming to pack our things on the 29th. We will stay in a hotel here in Singapore for 2 days and we fly home Oct. 31st. We will spend the night in Newark and get on the first morning flight to Atlanta/Melbourne on the 1st .

We will need to stay in Melbourne for at least a couple months to visit with families and friends, plan for holiday's coming up, do something with the house, and figure out what we're going to do with our cats. Miss Kitty can come with us but Maggie is too frail as she is 20 years old which will deter us for a little while at least for Angela.

That's about it for us. Thinking of each and every one of you. Would love to hear from you. Love, Angela and Steven

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