Monday, February 2, 2009

August 1, 2008

A lot has happened since our last blog post. We have not been keeping up with our updates to our friends and family, sorry.

We flew back home to Florida on July 2nd on a emergency visit and when we got to our house, the house sitters had abandoned our house. After 2 terrible traumatic experiences with 2 different house sitters, we took Miss Kitty to our friend Dora'a house in Orlando, We took down our 200 gallon fish tank and boarded up our house. Thank god we have good neighbors who will be helping us out. Also we had so much fun with our friends and family that we did see but sorry about the ones we didn't get to see as there was not enough time.

First, Angela would like to share to all that her 21 year (she would have been 21 July 4) old cat died on June 22. We will miss her tremendously and have already. She will always be in Angela's heart forever.

We arrived back to our hotel here in Kochi on July 20th to start our new life here in India. Angela hasn't went back to help at the school (did she tell you she had been volunteering at a school?) yet as we've been looking at apartments almost everyday. We finally chose one near our old area in Vennala. There were several other nicer places we could have picked but this one is near Steven's work. So, we opted to be closer so he could get home from work earlier and we could go to lunch together, specially since he works 6 days a week. Angela is looking forward to decorating and cleaning it up for guests.

Angela will be going to Singapore on August 24th-30th to go to a goodbye party for Marieke, a friend of hers she met in Singapore when we first arrived there in August 2006. We have lists of things for her to get that we can't get here in India and I know she will have fun visiting and seeing all of her Singapore friends.

Goodbye for now. We will keep this updated and you informed of our weird observations and travels and believe me, we do see a lot of weird stuff that we need to write down and pictures to post.

Angela and Steven

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