Monday, February 2, 2009

August 31, 2008

It's was Sunday and it's Steven's only day off work, what shall we do before my 11:00 P.M. flight to Singapore? Hmmmmm... I know, lets go to Fort Cochin! So, we decided to test or try out a driver we got through the owner of our new apartment. He arrived and we were off on our 45 minute bumpy, horn honking, polluted streets through the city of Ernakulam to Fort Cochin, We decided to go the "you buy we cook" fish restaurant. We picked out our fish and headed to the restaurant where we enjoyed our "special tea", which was...can you guess? And we enjoyed the beautiful sunset.


At the Cochin Airport, the manager came up to me and said something but I just smiled and said "thank you". When the airplane doors closed for take off, the entire plane was full except for the 2 seats next to me. I could have kissed the manager if I would have known what she was saying. Let's just say, there are SOME priviledges in being the only white women on the plane.

The plane arrived in to Singapore at 6:30 A.M. on Monday morning. I was greeted by my friends Nancy and Marieke which was a nice surprise as I expected to take a taxi. I split my stay between 2 friends houses, Nancy and Kate's because Marieke needed Nancy's place the last 2 days.
Tuesday, Kate had a girls lunchoen for me at her beautiful shophouse home. Almost all my old friends were there except for Lisa and I even met 2 new ones. I think the best surprise was my friend Sara who said she didn't bring anything so she sang opera for us, WOW it brought tears to our eyes and who knew we had a celebrity in our group.

The other days were filled with lunches, shopping and visiting. I even got to see my hasher friend Jennie.

And finally Friday, evening of Marieke's going away party, which was the main reason why I came to Singapore. Good food and friends. The only thing missing was Steven, I was missing him.

I bought center pieces for the party

My last day Saturday, Kate and her husband Andy fixed me a big American breakfast, yum. Then Kate and I went shopping and we even saw a fashion show. My last few hours were spent laughing and drinking wine with Kate (didn't drink because she had to drive me to the airport) and her neighbor/friend Faye and her husband. My journey ended with Kate taking me to Changi airport at about 7:15 P.M. for my 8:20 flight, (yes, I was cutting it close). What a time I had, It just made me miss Singapore and my friends more but how lucky am I that I got to go back!

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