Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Monsoon Movies

The monsoon rains have picked up a lot lately. After getting off to a very slow start, I think the rain fall amounts will end up about normal this year. (Like I've been here long enough to recognize what normal is....) There is still some concern for northern India, but here in the south, we are plenty wet.

With all the rain, we stayed in and watched more movies. I found Valkyrie interesting. The acting and filmography weren't outstanding but the film still made an impression on me. Perhaps my education has some holes in it, but I was not aware of the German resisance movement. I didn't know movie was based on actual events until the epilogues played before the credits. As usual, Wikipedia has filled in some of the gaps.

The movie closed showing (what I have since learned is a paraphrasing of) the text on a memorial to the German resistance movement in general and the main characters of the movie in particular. It reminds us not to sit by. I doubt we'll closely face such extremes as seen in Nazi Germany or make such sacrifices, but there are still small injustices in daily life to be righted.
You did not bear the shame.
You fought back.
You gave the great,
Forever tireless
Sign of change,
Sacrificing your glowing life
For freedom,
Justice, and honor.
- Professor Edwin Redslob

Source: http://www.gdw-berlin.de/ort/ort-d-e.php

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